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Jan 31
14:00 - 15:00
Prof Andrew G. Green (London Centre for Nanotechnology): Path integrals over entangled states
Physical Sciences colloquia

Entanglement is fundamental to quantum mechanics. It is central to the EPR paradox and Bell's inequality, and gives robust criteria to compress the description of quantum states. In contrast, the Feynman path integral shows that quantum transition amplitudes can be calculated by summing sequences of states that are not entangled at all. This gives a clear picture of the emergence of classical physics through the constructive interference between such sequences. Accounting for entanglement is trickier and requires perturbative and non-perturbative expansions.

We combine these two powerful and complementary insights by constructing Feynman path integrals over sequences of states with a bounded degree of entanglement. Professor Green will discuss the physical insights that such a construction affords.


Ingram Lecture Theatre
United Kingdom
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Contact: Helena Shepherd
School of Physical Sciences


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