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Nov 29
15:00 - 17:00
Nietzsche and the Nature of Philosophy
Philosophy Work in Progress
Dr Edward Greenwood.

Abstract: During his lifetime Nietzsche was largely unknown, but after 1894 he suddenly became the rage in Europe so that Ferdinand Tonnies wrote of 'Nietzsche-Narren' or 'Nietzsche Nitwits'. He influenced writers and artists as much as philosophers.His work has always presented difficulties to professional philosophers because of its idiosyncratic forms and contradictory content, its apparent lack of sequential argument. Bernard Williams who admired him even wrote 'the resistance to the continuation of philosophy by ordinary means is built into the text.' I want to explore how he has been considered by professional philosophers from the  1890's to the present time and what is to be drawn from his work about the nature of philosophy.  Severin Schroeder writes that Wittgenstein once compared his aesthetic attitude to philosophy to Nietzsche's.


Lecture Theatre 2,
Cornwallis South East (Octagon),
University of Kent,
United Kingdom


Open to all,

Contact: Dr Alexandra Couto


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