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Nov 28
13:00 - 16:00
Critical Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Creativity and Critique
Advanced Training

One of the central elements of critical methods is that they express a complex relationship between discovery and creativity. At the heart of this complexity is the philosophically rich notion of the event. After a scene-setting presentation into these themes, the session will focus on open discussion related to the nature of events and how events relate to history, causality, creativity and critique. The following questions will orient this session:

  • How do those researchers using methods inspired by the dialectical tradition of modern European philosophy (for example, Hegelian and Marxist approaches) understand the nature of history and events?
  • How do those researchers that use genealogical methods within their work (for example, Nietzschean and Foucauldian approaches) employ notions of creativity and critique?
  • Does the post-foundational approach (of Alain Badiou, for example) offer a way out of the impasse between historical materialism and genealogical critique?

This session develops themes raised in the workshop on Critical Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences: A Philosophical Introduction but attendance at that workshop is NOT a prerequisite for attendance at this one.By the end of the session, students will:

  • Know the differing approaches to the study of events in some of the major critical methods of the Twentieth and Twenty-First centuries;
  • Be able to reflect upon the tensions between discovery, creativity and critique in their own research;
  • Understand the competing philosophies of the event operating within poststructuralist and post-foundationalist critical methods.

TrainerDr Iain MacKenzie, School of Politics and International Relations

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