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Nov 9
16:00 - 17:15
Annecy Lax and Liz Kuti (Essex)
Postcolonial Seminar series

'Tales of Spring and Winter: Gender, Histories and Intergenerational Exchange in Global Theatre'

Annecy Lax and Elizabeth Kuti (University of Essex)

'Tales of Spring and Winter' names a creative and critical investigation into women making theatre within and for fractured communities, in the wake of violence, or in the shadow of historical conflicts, around the globe. The central unifying theme of the 'Tales of Spring and Winter' project concerns dialogue between the generations, in the broadest sense: encounters between old and young; transitions from past to present; historical regeneration and renewal; the return of spring after winter. Our aim was to find out what underlying and particular qualities women theatre-makers bring to the processes of generational bridge-building, in post-conflict, diasporic or fractured communities across the globe. 

Our project worked directly with artists from Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Palestine, Serbia, and Sri Lanka, as a collective of theatre makers called Ariadne.  Through comparing the work of women theatre makers across cultures and national borders, this project was intended to uncover new insights into the way women theatre makers across the world are re-telling personal and national stories, in the context of turbulent political landscapes.


Keynes College,
University of Kent,
United Kingdom


Contact: Caroline Rooney
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