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Nov 21
18:00 - 19:15
Creative Writing Reading Series

Please join us for Mendoza aka Linus Slug: Insect Librarian. Mendoza investigates disembodiment, liminal space and marginal entities through poetic practice. Their work evolves through a series of creative processes: performance, making and unmaking, appropriation and assimilation, exploring the interaction between sound, image and text as a means of de-constructing / (re)constructing the 'self'. Poems are written in sets of nine, each component containing nine lines or multiples of nine, frequently with nine syllables per line. Their work references Northumbrian history, North-Eastern dialect as well as insect folklore and mythology, and explores the idea of containment through self-imposed boundaries, with an emphasis on both the materiality of the text and the creation of (single or multiple) textual identities.

Recent publications include: "Entro" & "Un-love Son nots" Gutteral, 2017; "the science of poetry: the poetry of science" Linus Slug/ Peter Manson broadside, 2015 and "Type Specimen: An Observant Guide to Linus Slug", Contraband, 2014. Mendoza's poetry also appears in ZONE 2, 2014 and Splinter Vol 2, 2013 in addition to Litmus 1 the forensic issue and Litmus 2 the neurological issue.

Linus Slug is the founder of ninerrors poetry series, editor of FREAKLUNG poetry zine and co-editor/event organizer at Stinky Bear Press. They are currently working on an ongoing collaborative project with Peter Manson in commemoration of Bill Griffiths (August 20, 1948-September 13, 2007). 


Keynes College,
University of Kent,
United Kingdom


Open to All welcome,

£2 in the pink bucket

Contact: David Flusfeder


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