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Feb 5
19:00 - 21:00
pubTALK - Thumbs up! The evolution of our hands

Dr Tracy Kivell

With our opposable thumbs and dextrous fingers, the human hand is known for its remarkable manipulative abilities that are critical to almost all aspects of our daily life.  The evolution our dexterity is traditionally thought to be a result of no longer needing our hands for locomotion and, in particular, using our hands for tool-use.  However, recent fossil human and archaeological discoveries, as well as research on other primates, suggest that the evolution on the human hand is much more complex and that tool-use has been a part of our evolutionary history for much longer than traditionally thought.

In this talk, Tracy Kivell will discuss what is unique about the human hand, what we share with other primates, and what the hand skeletons of newly-discovered fossil human ancestors, such as Homo naledi, can tell us about the evolution of our hands.  

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The Jolly Sailor,
75 Northgate,
Canterbury CT1 1BA
United Kingdom


Open to Everyone,

Free to attend (although you will need to pay for your own food/drinks!)

Contact: Keli Jenner
T: 01227 827716


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