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Jun 1 - Jun 2
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The Futures of Biblical Studies

A Symposium to Celebrate the Donation of the David Clines Library to the University of Kent.

Speakers include

David Clines, Ward Blanton, James Crossley, Michelle Fletcher, Louise Lawrence, Yvonne Sherwood, Hannah Strømmen, Susannah Ticciati, David Tollerton, Megan Warner

Including Public Lecture by Professor David Clines, The Scandal of a Male Bible, 6pm Templeman Library Theatre, followed by a drinks reception

Sponsored by the journal Biblical Interpretation: A Journal of Contemporary Approaches (Brill)


Wednesday June 1st


Yvonne Sherwood

Welcome and Thanks

The Futures of Biblical Studies

10.00 -10.45

Michelle Fletcher

Displacing the Romantic Original, or, the future of Imitation and Combination in Biblical Studies


James Crossley

Sergio Leone, the Italian Western, and 1968: the Fate of the Radical Bible

11.30-12.00 coffee


Paul Joyce

Taking the Humanity of the Reader more Seriously

12.45-2.15 Lunch

2.15 -3.00

Ward Blanton

Jesus: Anarchist


Hannah Strømmen

The Backlash against Biblical Studies? Confronting the Rise of a Far Right Bible


Megan Warner

Looking Back to the Future: "Because Abraham obeyed my voice and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes and my laws"'

4.15-6.00 Break


Public Lecture David Clines

The Scandal of a Male Bible

7.00-8.00 Drinks Reception

8.00 Dinner for David Clines and invited guests in Canterbury

8.00 Social Event and Dinner for all postgraduates in Biblical Studies, hosted and organised by postgraduates at the University of Kent


Thursday June 2nd


David Clines

A Voyage Around My Library

9.45 -10.30

David Tollerton

Absences/Presences of the Biblical in Contemporary British Holocaust Memorialisation


Susannah Ticciati

The Future of Biblical Israel: How should Christians read Romans 9–11 today?




Eliza Justice

Negotiating a Future: Divergence and Hostility in Biblical Representations of Israel's Origin


Taylor Weaver

Paul and Political Critique: Postliberal Attractions

12.45-1.15 Jenny Matheny

A משל of Dialogue: Judges 19-21 "What is this parable and what does it do to you if you read it?"

1.15-2.30 Lunch

After lunch we split into two venues for Paper Session A and Paper Session B

Paper Session A Gulbenkian Seminar Room: CGUS

2.30-3.00 Stephen Lim

The Impe(/a)rative of Dialogue in Asian Hermeneutics: Towards Re-membering Biblical Pasts for Planetary Futures

3.00-3.30 Wei-Hsien Wan

Examining the Master's Tools: Considerations on the European Particularity of Biblical Studies

3.30-4.00 TK Mapfeka

Picturing the Jewish Damsel Taking Her Turn on the Persian Royal Bed: A Gendered Analysis of Sexual Expediency in Empire-dominated Diaspora (Esther 2:5-15)

4.00-4.30 Rebekah Welton

Food-Futures in Biblical Scholarship

Paper Session B Templeman Lecture Theatre

2.30-3.00 James Mace

Hearing with New Intertextual Ears: Fulfilling Pan-Israelite Ideology in Luke-Acts

3.00-3.30 Mina Monier

Early Christian Responses to the Destruction of the Second Temple and the Problem of the Parting of the Ways

3.30-4.00 Janet Fyffe

Synchronic and Diachronic Intertextuality: The Example of Psalms 96 and 98

4.00-4.30 Sarah Casson

But is it relevant? A re-consideration of "gar" in Romans using relevance theory, and some implications for interpreting the epistle's argument.


Templeman Lecture Theatre,
Templeman Library,
University of Kent,
United Kingdom


Open to all,


Contact: Yvonne Sherwood


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