Policy Consultancy Services

Policy Consultancy Services

Helping to inform and improve your policies

  Researchers throughout the University of Kent work closely with the government and civil society to provide advice, support and evidence to inform policy in a wide range of areas. If you are a policy maker, advisor, decision maker or practitioner, our business and innovation gateway team can help you to connect with the relevant expert to improve and inform policy based on the latest evidence and research.  

Our research strengths

Health, Social Care and Wellbeing

  • Health and social care organisation, risk assessment and management
  • Health inequalities and social exclusion
  • Mental health
  • Reproductive health and fertility
  • Parenting
  • Public health
  • Medicines safety, optimisation and use
  • Age-related disease 
  • Community and social care
  • Learning disability
  • Child abuse and sexual violence

Sustainability, Environment and Natural Resources

  • Development and behavioural economics
  • Change management and decision making
  • Operations and supply change management
  • Philantropy
  • Regional productivity
  • Agricultural affairs
  • Sustainability
  • Green growth
  • Heuristics
  • Environmental accounting
  • Agrobiodiversity
  • Sustainable building design
  • Conservation and endangered species management

Social Justice, Inequalities and Conflict

  • Equal access to higher education
  • Abortion and surrogacy rights
  • Migration
  • Citizen engagement
  • Law, gender and sexuality
  • Prejudice and discrimination
  • Drug use, policy and regulation
  • Risk behaviours in adolescents
  • The criminal justice system
  • Cooperation and international security
  • Anti-corruption law and policy
  • Conflict
  • Preventing reoffending
  • Arson and firesetting
  • Conspiracy theories and social movements
  • European Law and Foreign Policy

Creativity, Culture and Heritage

  • Immersive technologies
  • Human embodiment
  • Heritage
  • Creative writing
  • Visual music and sonic art
  • European theatre
  • Health and medical humanities
  • Public art
  • Digital architecture

Cyber Security, Digital Technology & Communication

  • Cyber security
  • Digital innovation
  • Intelligent interactions
  • Robotics
  • Computational intelligence (AI)
  • Language processing and understanding
  • Machine learning and data science
  • Smart environments and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Computational neuroscience


  • Trade
  • Financial and commercial regulation
  • Intellectual law and intellectual property
  • Industrial organisation

The research powerhouse of the region

The Research Excellence Framework 2021 rated the majority of our REF submissions as world-leading or internationally excellent, confirming the positive difference our research makes to lives and livelihoods regionally, nationally and internationally. This can only be achieved through working with politicians, policy makers and practitioners to ensure our research is put into action. 

If you're looking for the latest insight, evidence or commentary to inform policy or a similar piece of work, get in touch with our business and innovation team to explore how our expertise can help meet your needs.