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Life after Graduation

Whatever career goals a student has, the University strives to open the doors of opportunity both in Brussels, and beyond.  To that end BSIS has engaged the services of key2advance, a career advice and coaching organisation, to provide advice tailored to the needs of each individual student. 


Intern working

The University of Kent has developed good relations with the Brussels community, in particular with public relations firms, NGOs, and international organisations for the purpose of creating opportunities for our students to pursue internships. In addition, our students and alumni comprise a tightly-knit network through which internship opportunities pass frequently.

Some of these internships are paid (non-EU students have the right in Belgium to apply for a work permit allowing them to work 20 hours a week), and others are voluntary. These unpaid internships offer great exposure, the chance to build a network, and the opportunity to collect primary material for your dissertation. In the recent past, for example, our students have held internships at all major EU institutions, NATO, Hill and Knowlton, Ogilvy and Mather, the US Chamber of Commerce in Brussels, and countless NGOs and local associations. Naturally, there is no guarantee that all students who want an internship will secure a position but the record thus far is excellent.

We have engaged the services of key2advance to guarantee the provision of several internships for our students.  These internships are between one and 6 months in duration and are in such organisations as the European Parliament, Brussels-based United Nations agencies, European Commission communications agencies, Public Affairs companies, research organisations, Think Tanks and migration organisations. 

We also have a very close working relationship with the European Centre for Public Affairs (ECPA - which allows students to have access to the public affairs arm of major international companies and organisations.  Through the ECPA's Research and Publications Committee it is possible for students to undertake research projects for international companies and then use the material for their dissertation.


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