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    Dr Amanda Klekowski von Koppenfels
    Dr Amanda Klekowski von Koppenfels is a Lecturer in Migration and Politics. She convenes the MA in International Migration and teaches the modules "Theories of Migration, Integration and Citizenship", "Migration: Conflict, the State and Human Rights", "Humanitarian Issues in Forced Migration" and "Identity, State and Belonging."
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    Professor Yutaka Arai
    Yutaka Arai teaches International Human Rights Law and the Law of Armed Conflict.
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    Dr Tom Casier
    Tom Casier is Reader in International Relations and Jean Monnet Chair. He teaches in the fields of International Relations and Russian Foreign Policy.
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    Dr Yvan Guichaoua
    Yvan Guichaoua is the School Director of Graduate Studies (Taught courses). He convenes the MA in International Development and teaches Development Theory and Practice, Theories of Conflict and Violence and African Politics.
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    Dr Maria Mälksoo
    Maria Mälksoo convenes the MA in International Conflict and Security and is the Director of Research and Ethics at the BSIS. She teaches the modules Foreign Policy Analysis, Conflict and Security, and Critical Approaches to Security.
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    Dr Albena Azmanova
    Albena Azmanova convenes the MA in Political Strategy and Communication and the MA in International Political Economy and teaches the modules Political Strategy, State, Market and Society and the Politics of Globalisation.
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    Professor Harm Schepel
    Dr Harm Schepel is the Director of Law Programmes at Brussels School of International Studies. He teaches the modules International Law on Foreign Invesment, Law and Development and International Economic Regulation.
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    Dr Bojan Savic
    Bojan Savic is the School Director of Graduate Studies (Research). He convenes the modules in Politics of International Development, Foreign Policy Analysis and Fundamentals, Dissertation and Research.


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