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Our research is a critical component of our success as a postgraduate school. Our teaching is underpinned by the high-quality research undertaken by our academics and research students.

We are a multidisciplinary school with academics from the disciplines of politics, international relations, law and economics. We host a weekly research seminar where teaching staff and researchers gather to present and discuss their work. This collaborative environment is further strengthened by the links with Kent Law School and the School of Politics and International Relations in the University.

Our cosmopolitan environment, interdisciplinary approach and firm theoretical grounding make the Brussels School of International Studies an ideal place to undertake a PhD degree.

Dr Tom Casier

Research projects

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Critical Social Theory

Studying contemporary social phenomena while seeking to discern emancipatory perspectives of social criticism, citizen mobilisation and political reform.

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Security, Identity, Memory

What is the relationship between security and identity? How can historical grievances become the subject of contemporary foreign and security policies?

Refugee children with arms round shoulders

Migration in Global Politics

Exploring not only movement and migration, but also integration and, closely linked to integration, citizenship.

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Europe and Global Change

This Jean Monnet Chair project centres around the issue of Europe and global change.

View of the Kremlin, Russia

Russia, the EU and the neighbourhood

The foreign policies of the EU and Russia, their interaction and the role of the neighbouring states themselves.

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Political Violence, Security Governance and Development

Research focusing on social and political dynamics leading to war and peace, and, crucially, what is in between.

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International Law of Armed Conflict

Exploring how international law regimes interact with, influence and potentially govern situations of global conflict.

The European Parliament

EU-Russia relations: Developing a transnational perspective

This Jean Monnet Multilateral Research Group has established an international network aimed at developing a trans-national perspective on EU-Russia relations.

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Our research: making a difference

Our presence in Brussels provides a context for much of our research. A defining theme of the School has become Europe in the wider world, or Global Europe, and this provides the context for a planned series of workshops and summer schools.

Our research projects have attracted substantial funding from sources such as Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union. Our close contact with European institutions, NATO and the many other international and non-governmental organisations provides an important policy context for our research.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • International Humanitarian Law
  • International Human Rights Law
  • International Criminal Law
  • Theories of Conflict and Violence
  • African Politics
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • Conflict and Security
  • Critical Approaches to Security
  • Russian foreign policy
  • EU-Russia relations
  • Diaspora and transnational engagement of migrants
  • International trade and investment law
  • Legal institutionalisation of capitalism.

We have a long history of welcoming visiting researchers to the campus. Visiting researchers form an important part of our research community and we value their contribution. Weekly research seminars take place during term time and visiting researchers are invited to participate and contribute where possible.

Visit our people page to discover more about our academic staff, their interests and activities, and how to contact them.

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