Dr Silvia Bartolini

Université Catholique de Lille


Silvia holds a Master degree in International and European Law from Université Catholique de Louvain and in European Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies from the College of Europe. She practiced international human rights law in Cyprus and had the opportunity to act as legal counsel before the Grand Chamber of the European Court Human Rights in the Kafkaris v Cyprus case concerning life imprisonment. She spent a total of three years at the European Court of Justice working as a référendaire. In December 2017 she was awarded with a PhD in EU law from King’s College London. She investigated the question as to whether the urgent preliminary ruling procedure might serve as a procedural remedy against irreparable harm to individual’s EU fundamental rights, most notably the rights of the child under Article 24 of the Charter. Her thesis will be soon transformed into a monograph.

As far as her teaching is concerned, whilst a PhD student, she was also visiting lecturer in EU law at King’s College London where she was shortlisted for the KCL teaching excellence award for two years in a row. Since 2015 she is a visiting professor at the faculty of political science of Université Catholique de Lille where she teaches human rights and EU migration law. Since 2018 she joined the law faculty of Université Catholique de Lille as a visiting professor and Université Saint Louis Bruxelles as academic assistant.

Research Interests


“Parental Child abduction in transnational context. New Boundaries of the Legal Field” – organized by Université Saint Louis Bruxelles (9 of may 2019) - Title of the Intervention: Children rights protection in return proceedings before the ECJ” (30 min);
“Human Rights and Environmental Degradation” – organized by Terre Solidaire and Université Catholique de Lille  (January 2019) -Title of the Intervention: “Climate Induced Migration” (1h);
Italian Lawyer programme organised by King’s College London & l’ Unione Triveneta dei Consigli dell’Ordine degli Avvocati (April 2017) Title of the Intervention: “Data Retention in the Digital Age before the ECJ” (2h);
Università di Verona, Italy (March/April 2016): Guest Lecturer in EU law (22h);
Summer School of Fundamental Rights in Europe organized by Università di Bologna and King’s College London (July 2012 and July 2014) Title of the interventions: “The impact of the Return Directive on the rights of third country national irregularly resident in the territory of the EU” (2h) & “The impact of the urgent preliminary ruling procedure on EU fundamental rights” (3 h);
European Lawyer Programme organised by King’s College London (September 2012) Title of the intervention: “EU citizenship and Fundamental Rights” (4h)


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