Davide Pernice

PhD Student


Davide Pernice is a PhD researcher specializing in International Conflict Analysis at the Brussels School of International Studies. His research centres on why, how and if Israeli and Palestinian parties eventually engage into, or disengage from de-escalation processes spanning over multiple stages (softening-up, pre-negotiation, negotiation, etc.). He mainly focuses on the standardisable causal mechanisms that trigger and temporarily secure de-escalatory phases in the adversarial relationship between Israeli and Palestinian leadership. As conflict phases are not simply the result of random, contingent events, but rely primarily on the variable capability of decision-makers to control, drive, re-orient and manipulate strategies according to a sub-optimal set of considerations, Davide intends to compare analogous phases belonging to different conflict sequences. Dr. Yvan Guichaoua and Prof. Richard Whitman supervise his research.

Davide is also an EU official, a certified mediator and an experienced trainer in EU foreign policy. He received his MA in International Conflict and Security from the Brussels School of International Studies and his BA in Politics and International Relations from the University of London.