Mark Gilks

PhD Student


Mark Gilks began a PhD in International Conflict Analysis at the Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS) in 2018, where he is the recipient of a Vice Chancellor’s Research Scholarship.

In his primary research, he is attempting to develop an Interpretivist theory to understand the experiences of soldiers in war. Specifically, he will consider how soldiers aesthetically experience war through artefacts, images, and narratives, and how this experience constitutes violent behaviour. This project draws on his own military experience.

More broadly, he is interested in foundational questions in the philosophy of social science; a specific issue of interest, and one which underpins his current research, is the relationship between conscious experience and social behaviour.

At BSIS, he has taught qualitative research methods and is currently a teaching assistant for Theories of Conflict and Violence and Conflict and Security

He holds an undergraduate degree philosophy and International Relations from the University of St Andrews (first class), and a master’s degree in Global Governance and Diplomacy from the University of Oxford (distinction), where he received an award for the best dissertation.

Research Interests


Dr Yvan Guichaoua and Dr Harmonie Toros


Gilks, M. (2019) ‘The security-prejudice nexus: “Islamist” terrorism and the structural logics of Islamophobia in the UK’, Critical Studies on Terrorism, DOI: 10.1080/17539153.2019.1650874