Nadja Dumann

PhD Student


Nadja focuses her research on independent irregular youth migration from Morocco to the EU, looking at how this specific flow of migration can be explained by developments in the global economy and EU migration policy. She challenges perceptions in the social construction of childhood that underlies the EU's legal and political framework regulating the migration of unaccompanied minors, and points to gaps in the framework rendering more vulnerable the independent youth migrants it is meant to protect.
Her broader research interests include agency in irregular youth migration, links/gaps in EU development and EU migration policies, and the influence of the global economy in internal and international migration of/from developing countries.
Nadja earned her BA (Honours) in International Studies at the Open University UK and her MA (with distinction) in Migration Studies at the Brussels School of International Studies.
Previous to her PhD, she worked for the Migration and Asylum Unit at DG DEVCO (European Commission), the Immigration Department of the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, the Political Department of the Canadian Embassy in Brussels, Amnesty International EU Office (End FGM campaign) and Oxfam Belgium (Development Cooperation Ecuador and Colombia). She also worked as a Human Rights Observer with returning refugees in indigenous villages in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. She produced a photo-documentary on socio-political issues in Guatemala upon return to Europe.
During her PhD, Nadja was as a teaching assistant for the modules 'Migration, Conflict, the State and Human Rights' and 'Fundamentals, Dissertation and Research'.


Dr. Amanda Klekowski von Koppenfels & Dr. Bojan Savic