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Dr. Harm Schepel is Professor of Economic Law and Director of Law Programs at BSIS. He holds degrees from the University of Amsterdam (Drs.), the International Institute for the Sociology of Law in Oñati (LLM), and the EUI Florence (PhD), and was attached to the Centre for European Law and Politics in Bremen and the Centre de Théorie Politique at the ULB before joining Kent Law School in 2000.  He has held visiting research positions at the University of Amsterdam and Columbia Law School, and has taught at the Academy of European Law at the EUI Florence, on the LLM in Law in a European and Global context at the Catholic University of Portugal, on the Executive Master's in European Studies (MEUS) at the ULB, and on the Research Master's in European Studies at the University of Maastricht. He is a regular visiting lecturer at the Universities of Palermo and Torino.  He sits on the Board of editors of the European Law Journal.

Research Interests

Professor Harm Schepel is interested in the legal institutionalization of capitalism on different levels of governance. His work draws on institutional economics, political economy, economic and legal sociology and social and legal theory. The general area includes fields such as international trade and investment law, law and development, corporate governance, the law of the European internal market, comparative and European competition law, and the regulation of private governance regimes.


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Book section

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Internet publication

  • Schepel, H. (2019). A Parallel Universe: Advocate General Bot in Opinion 1/17 [blogpost]. Available at:
  • Schepel, H. (2018). From Conflicts-Rules to Field Preemption: Achmea and the Relationship between EU Law and International Investment Law and Arbitration [blogpost]. Available at:
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