Dr Bojan Savic



Bojan Savić joined the Brussels School of International Studies as Lecturer in International Relations from Elon University, North Carolina.

Bojan received his PhD from the University of Kent at Brussels in 2012 and MA degrees in European Studies (University of Maastricht, 2007) and International Relations (European Institute, Nice, 2008) before joining Virginia Tech's National Capital Region campus in Alexandria, VA as a postdoctoral researcher. His MA and PhD research focused on the formal modeling of intra-alliance relations, culminating with a doctoral dissertation on post-Cold War transformations of NATO's civilian and military structures. His postdoctoral research has combined insights from Critical Security Studies, Critical Geopolitics and International Development.

Research Interests

Dr. Savić’s current research lies at the intersection of Critical Security Studies, International Development, and Critical Geopolitics, and focuses on NATO's Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) and Train Advise Assist Commands (TAACs) in Afghanistan as security apparatuses. His fieldwork in Afghanistan's Herat Province and Kabul has focused on the interweaving of development and security roles of consecutive US and Italian-led PRTs and TAACs. His research investigates how PRTs, TAACs and the global network of US and NATO-led governance in Herat produce and regulate subjects of security and development, as well how the strategies and tactics of nonviolent local resistance evade and exploit the governance apparatuses. Dr. Savić is interested in critical junctures of formal modeling (game theory), qualitative and quantitative research strategies, particularly in their applicability to fieldwork concerned with subjects of conflict and development.


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