Dr Maria Mälksoo

Senior Lecturer


Maria Mälksoo earned her PhD in International Studies at the University of Cambridge (2008). Before joining BSIS, she worked as Senior Researcher in International Relations at the University of Tartu in her native Estonia. She has held post-doctoral research fellowships at the Centre for International Studies, London School of Economics and Political Science (2015), Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (2012), and the University of Tartu (2010-2014).

Dr Mälksoo has policy experience from the Estonian Ministry of Defence, International Centre for Defence Studies in Tallinn, and the Office of the President of Estonia. She is a member of the editorial boards of International Political Anthropology and Contemporary Security Policy, and currently serves at the CEEISA Executive Committee and the EISA Governing Board.

Research Interests

Her main research interests are at the intersection of security, memory and identity politics, and critical IR theory. Her previous research has covered social theoretic perspectives of the EU and NATO’s eastern enlargements, liminality in IR, and the conflicts over historical memory between Russia and its former Soviet/East European dependants. Her current research focuses on (i) the nexus between transitional justice and foreign policies on the example of post-communist Russia; (ii) hybrid warfare and Eastern Europe in ontological security debates; and (iii) memory laws and memory wars in contemporary Ukraine.


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Book section

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Internet publication

  • Malksoo, M. (2018). Decommunization in Times of War: Ukraine's Militant Democracy Problem [Internet publication]. Available at: http://verfassungsblog.de/decommunization-in-times-of-war-ukraines-militant-democracy-problem/.
  • Malksoo, M. (2017). Interview - Maria Mälksoo [Online publication]. Available at: http://www.e-ir.info/2017/09/22/interview-maria-malksoo/.
  • Opperman, K. et al. (2016). Brexit Symposium [Open access website]. Available at: http://www.e-ir.info/2016/09/10/brexit-symposium/.


  • Malksoo, M. (2018). A Baltic Struggle for a "European Memory": The Militant Mnemopolitics of The Soviet Story. Journal of Genocide Research TBD:forthcoming.
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