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Before you apply to Brussels, it's important to get feedback from the people who know it best - the students.

BSIS has a vibrant and growing alumni network. After graduation, students enter a wide range of careers in many different sectors. Read about some of them here.

Brussels alumni

What do our past students say about the Brussels School of International Studies? Find out why they chose BSIS, their time at the School and what they are doing now.

Profile picture of International Relations MA student

Sebastian May

International Relations MA

"You're in the heart of Europe and studying with likeminded people with an interest in international affairs."

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Profile of BSIS graduate

Karina Shklyan

International Migration MA

"The research skills and analytical capabilities I learned at BSIS, in addition to the contacts I made, have been crucial to my success."

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Jónas Tryggvason

International Conflict Analysis MA

"The studies opened up my horizons and gave me good insights into the sphere of international politics and business."

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Profile picture of International Relations graduate

Brooke Storer-Church

International Relations MA

"During my time as BSIS, I discovered my love of academic research and was supported by caring and capable mentors."

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Paul Brooks

International Conflict and Security MA

"Having a degree from a well-respected institution such as BSIS certainly adds value to the CV."

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Profile picture of International Political Economy student

Emily Perkins

International Law and International Relations LLM

"The international faculty and the incredible diversity in students challenged my thinking on U.S. policy."

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Alexia Krepiakevich

International Development MA

"Through networking events, internships and conferences, I was able to make great connections and grow my professional network."

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Archana Jatkar

International Law LLM

"The vibrancy of the city and my exposure to the EU institutions was life-changing"

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Profile picture of BSIS graduate

Weeda Mehran

International Conflict Analysis MA

"Through the programme, I acquired a set of skills and knowledge that helped me analyse conflicts in Afghanistan."

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Hugo Genest

International Conlict Analysis MA

"I loved being able to study in English and graduate with a degree from a reputable British university while residing in Brussels"

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Quote Edona Bajrami

Profile picture of an International Political Economy graduate

BSIS provided us with excellent opportunities to expand our knowledge both politically and internationally.

Edona Bajrami International Political Economy MA