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Yvan Guichaoua on: Jihadi Rule in Gao, Mali

2 October 2017

Yvan Guichaoua has been invited by the School of International Development. Yvan will be  a guest speaker presenting a paper at their Research Seminar:

Wednesday 4 October, 3.30-5pm, Arts 2.03, University of East Anglia. 

The paper studies the composite and plastic form of governance structure established in the Malian city of Gao in 2012, as part of a counter-revolutionary movement which followed the capture of the town by Tuareg separatists from theNational Movement for the Liberation of Azawad who had previously defeated state forces. Confronted to exactions perpetrated by the separatists, local business elites struck a pact with jihadi forces from the Movement for Unicity of Jihad in West Africa that eventually chased the separatists away, leading to a nine-month rule based on the Sharia Law. We study the improvised and bumpy ‘bricolage’ which led to this temporary political order. We emphasize the importance of pre-war local politics to understand the ulterior governance structure established by the new occupiers yet also trace the institutional transformations they introduced, in line with their interpretation of the Sharia Law but also their cautious management of local resistance.




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