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The Union

The BSIS Graduate Student Union (BGSU) is a platform allowing to express and coordinate students' voices and initiatives. Different from larger unions, the size of our school makes our initiatives really consequential for many students, thus enhancing our student (life) experience in Brussels. In addition to be the facilitator for individuals and groups initiatives, the BGSU also represents students' voices to the academic and administrative staff of BSIS, to the University of Kent, and to the main student body in Canterbury, Kent Union.

The structure of the BGSU is composed of a President elected for the term, assisted by a Vice-President. Other positions include the Treasurer of the BGSU; the Social Officer, who deals with and coordinates all social activities initiated and realized in the framework of BGSU; the Academic Officer, who, in addition of being the liaison between students and the academic staff, supervises extra-curricular academic activities running at BSIS; the Sports Officer, who organizes and promotes sporting events within the BGSU; the External Activities Officer, who coordinates activities that take place outside of BSIS (i.e. visits to EU institutions in Brussels); the Communication Officer, who is in charge of issuing an annual report on the activities of the BGSU.


Union Activities

BGSU has been running several activities to promote inclusion and spark the students’ academic interest.

The Academic department includes workshops on policy writing and project management, some student-organised seminars and focus groups. The Social department organized different parties and social events during the term. The Sports Officer is in charge of organizing weekly football sessions. The semester will end with our traditional International Conference on the 6th and 7th of April, and our International Dinner.

This is to give a brief and not exhaustive ideas of what the BGSU helps to run. It is based on students’ initiatives, and that is why students are encouraged to express their projects and get involved. One of the most striking characteristics of BSIS is its format, allowing a high sense of sharing, solidarity and commitment between students and their school. This is a mutual benefit, as the teaching staff are available to answer every question students might have and orientate them in the best way possible to suit their career perspectives.

Silvia Pelegrin, President of the BGSU

Meet the Members of BGSU

Student Representatives

Our student representatives are on hand to provide potential applicants, or offer holders advice and guidance when it comes to studying at BSIS.
Please feel free to email the students for information about what it is like to be a student here in Brussels and at BSIS. Student reps can offer advice and help related to relocation, searching for accommodation and settling in Brussels. Also, if you have questions about what a weekly or daily schedule might look like, our reps can offer some insight!


International Conflict and Security : Jan Tima
International Development : Alazne Irigoien
International Political Economy : Lilian Meyer
Political Strategy and Communication: Alp Tanju
Human Rights Law : Stéphanie Leysen
EU External Relations: Fotis Kapsalis
International Law : TBC
International Migration : Rachel Bareiss
International Relations : Alix Maréchal

BSIS International Conference

The International Conference is an annual student-run conference hosted by Brussels School of International Studies.
This year’s conference will involve a number of panels and discussions exploring the evolution and contestation of responsibility between the state and non-state actors in the provision of ‘public goods’.
You can read more about the conference here.


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