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Brand Identity

Social media

Social media has become a very important communication tool for the University. All our social media channels need to follow the same rigorous systems and procedures as our other communications.

Additional information

Download the Brand Guidelines PDF for more information on social media at Kent.

Please note that...

Kent's Social Media site offers staff guidelines and setup advice for Facebook and Twitter channels.

Naming your official channel

Photography and video

Please use high quality materials where possible. See specific advice on the use of video.

Your channel name should ideally reflect your group/school or department name as well as the name of University. Eg ‘University of Kent School of History’ or for Twitter’s 14 character limit, ‘UniKentHistory’. When referring to the University, please avoid ‘Kent University’, ‘UoK’ or ‘UofK’ and try to use the following in order of preference:

  1. ‘University of Kent’
  2. ‘UniKent’
  3. ‘Kent’ if pushed for space and Kent is already a key word in the name of your organisational unit – be careful about possible confusion with Kent State University in America or the County of Kent
  4. ‘UKC’ or ‘UKM’ only if you really mean one campus or other specifically

Styling your channel

Logo avatars

You may use the University logo or an approved sub-brand logo as defined in and instructed by the University brand design guidelines. Please contact the Design & Print Centre if you either need your logo to be a different size or shape from your approved version or if you don’t yet have an approved sub-brand logo. Approved smaller versions and re-workings for channels such as Twitter can be made available.

Photographic avatars

If you prefer to use a photographic avatar, please refer to the photographic style section within the University brand design guidelines. In addition, please make sure that the chosen photo is clearly relevant to your identity or the chosen theme of the channel and is unlikely to be confused with other channels.


When styling your channel refer to the house-style colour palettes in the University brand guidelines.

Example avatars


example avatar for news channel
example avatar for staff channel
example avatar for Canterbury student
example avatar for Medway student channel
example avatar featuring female student
example avatar featuring male student


example avatar showing use of off-brand colour
example avatar showing use of off-brand image
example avatar showing use of off-brand type

Please do not use off-brand colours, images or typography.

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