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Cell Biology, Cancer Targets and Therapies Group

A vigorous and active group of laboratories is researching into various targets in human and animal cancer cells. The specific interests include the underlying mechanisms of cancer drug resistance and how growth factors and their receptors (e.g. the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Family) are altered in cancer.  Studies into the role of cell adhesion molecules as potential cancer drug targets also provide insight into how cancer cells can break off and spread throughout the body. Other areas of interest include how normal processes of DNA repair go wrong in cancer cells and the engineering of therapeutic antibodies as active cancer treatment agents. Each of these academic study areas has practical and therapeutic applications pertaining to prognosis, prediction, diagnosis and treatment of cancer with the potential to improve the outcome for patients.

Group Members:
Dr Anthony Baines, Professor Bill Gullick, Dr Dan Lloyd, Professor Martin Michaelis, Dr Dan Mulvihill, Dr Peter Nicholls, Dr Pauline Phelan.

immunocytochemistry on mammalian cells
immunocytochemistry on mammalian cells
immunocytochemistry on mammalian cells

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