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Microscopy and image analysis facility

The research

Images from a microscopeThis facility was established originally as an Electron Microscope Unit, and over the years has developed into a comprehensive microscopy and image analysis facility covering a wide range of modern microscopy techniques including TEM, SEM, AFM and confocal microscopy, with associated image analysis and 3D reconstruction capabilities. It houses one of the widest ranges of services available in the South East with staff who have a long-standing experience of providing a fast and efficient service when working with external customers. Particular areas of experience include live-cell imaging of cultured mammalian cells, microbiological samples and biofilms. The service is also available for non-biological samples if appropriate.

The facility

This facility has just been refurbished in order to provide state of the art equipment for microscopy, allowing a wide range of imaging and analysis techniques to be used, and although specified or life science work can also be used for non-biological samples. Facilities available include:

  • Light microscopy, with a full range of techniques on different types of instrument, and digital or film recording.
  • Confocal microscopy – one upright microscope and one inverted microscope equipped for live cell imaging.
  • Micro-injection.
  • Two microscopes for fully automated live cell imaging, including fluorescent probe detection.
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy with 120kv operation, cryo sample holder and digital imaging, and a range of preparation techniques.
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy.
  • Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Image analysis including statistical analysis of size and density measurements, image processing and 3D reconstruction.
  • Afull range of associated services for film and digital output, including poster printing to A0 and photo quality digital printing to A4.



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