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Research Seminar: Extracting information from imaging data by fitting mathematical models

10 October 2018

Professor Nigel Burroughs, Mathematics Institute and Warwick Systems Biology Centre, University of Warwick

Tuesday 16th October, 1.00 p.m., Stacey Lecture Theatre 1

With the increasing sophistication of microscope technology (e.g. super resolution, light sheet), interpreting the data and extracting reliable information increasingly requires mathematical and statistical methods. I will discuss work with Andrew McAinsh on imaging kinetochore dynamics and conformational changes. During metaphase, congressed chromosome oscillate across the metaphase plate. By fitting a mechanical model to those oscillations we inferred the forces acting on the kinetochore which lead to the tension-clock model of directional switching. This lead to an investigation of kinetochore compliance to forces and distinguishing conformational changes under loading and microtubule attachment.



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