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Research Seminar: Molecular mechanisms of microtubule-based control of cell motility

6 June 2017

Prof. Dr. Anna Akhmanova, Cell Biology, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Tuesday 13th June, 1.00 p.m., Stacey Lecture Theatre 1

Microtubules are dynamic polymers controlling different aspects of cell architecture. Currently, most of our knowledge on the effects of microtubules on cell shape and migration is based on conventional 2D cultures. Interestingly, we recently found that the regulation of microtubule plus- and minus-end dynamics is much more important for controlling cell morphology and motility in soft 3D matrices than on hard 2D substrates. In my talk, I will show how microtubule plus-end binding proteins SLAIN2, CLASP1 and ch-TOG and microtubule minus-end binding protein CAMSAP2 regulate mesenchymal cell morphology and migration in 3D and how they affect cancer metastasis and vessel development.


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