Our MA Ancient Greek History and Archaeology programme in Athens is a unique collaboration between the University of Kent and the American College of Greece (ACG). You receive a degree from a British university and join the bustling international community of the oldest American-accredited college in Europe.

City as your classroom

Classes take place in the state-of-the art premises of the Alba Graduate School in the centre of Athens, offering excellent learning and study areas, as well as on-site locations of archaeological significance. The majority of teaching takes place at archaeological sites in and outside Athens rather than in lecture theatres, allowing you to benefit from the wealth of important ancient artefacts and sites such as Delphi, Corinth, Eleusis and Epidaurus.     

The centre of Athens is dotted with a number of sites of importance to this programme, so the entire city is your classroom. Our collaboration with the American College of Greece, whose campus is just half an hour from central Athens, means you are part of a graduate student community from diverse backgrounds, forming a community of learning and collaborative practice, and offering a wide range of academic and extracurricular organisations and events.

Academic excellence

The Athens programme is led by Dr Efrosyni Boutsikas, Lecturer in Archaeology in Kent's School of European Culture and Languages.

Efrosyni is a classical archaeologist with research interests in Greek religion, ritual experience, monumental architecture, mythology and astronomy (archaeoastronomy). Her research focuses on the expression of ancient Greek perceptions of the cosmos in myths, religious performance and architecture, and the temporal and spatial organisation of festivals.

She has conducted extensive research in Athens and knows the city, its archaeological sites and research resources by heart.

You are also supported by local administrative staff from AGC in Athens and University of Kent staff in Canterbury.

Dr Efrosyni Boutsikas

Our programme transforms the study of the ancient world by enabling our students to experience the monuments, artefacts and spaces which shaped ancient Greek history

Dr Efrosyni Boutsikas Lecturer in Archaeology, Director of MA

Superb student experience

Immerse yourself in the history and culture of one of the world's most important heritage sites. With so many other important sites close by, you have numerous opportunities to experience ancient Greece.

Athens is a thriving cultural centre with events taking place almost every day, from free exhibitions to world-class opera. Modern Greece’s favourite pastime is coffee and company – so take the time to sit and relax with your friends as you enjoy a slower pace of life.

Impressive prospects

The experience you gain while studying in Athens equips you with a remarkable portfolio of skills, specialist knowledge and practical experience that will prove invaluable in a competitive job market.

Kent has facilitated programmes in Athens since 2011. Our graduates do extremely well in terms of entering their chosen careers shortly after graduation. Recent destinations include: National Heritage Council of Namibia; UNESCO, Kenya; Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Venice; Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina; and the Ghana Museum and Monuments Board.

Graduate Success

We are proud of the success of our graduates and we offer targeted support to all our students. This series explores the careers of graduates who have previously studied in Athens with Kent.

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