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Martin Hammer

Jonathan Friday

Qualifications (state award and University)

50th Anniversary Scholarship Award, Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Kent

My current research interests are focused on Anglo-American artistic exchange in the early-twentieth century, with a comparative focus on how American and British artists negotiated and represented the emerging modern metropolis against the backdrop of the European mainstream, spanning the period 1900-1929. I analyse the treatment of the evolving New York cityscape, against the old-world of London, in the work of American artists who spent extended periods in Britain and disseminated imagery of their homeland in British magazines and galleries. And of the interpretations of the American scene by British artists who travelled to the United States after WWI, in addition to investigating the links and continuities between British Vorticism and American Precisionism.

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Research Interests

Anglo-American Metropolis: Transatlantic Artistic Exchange Between New York and London, 1900-1920 back to top

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