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Mark Windsor

I am a PhD candidate and Assistant Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Art. My doctoral research centres on the topic of the uncanny. In my thesis I aim to develop an analytic account of the uncanny as an emotion—to explain what it means to experience something as uncanny, its relationship to other aesthetic domains including horror, disgust, and the sublime, how, or even if, we can experience fictional objects as being uncanny, and the appeal of the uncanny in works of art and literature.

I have co-organised two postgraduate conferences in aesthetics: the Kent Postgraduate Conference in Aesthetics held in 2014, and the first British Society of Aesthetics Postgraduate Conference, Interact!, held in 2015. I have presented papers at a number of conferences, including the Associations of Art Historians, the British Society of Aesthetics, and the European Society for Aesthetics. And finally, I have an article published in Tate Papers, and I co-authored an interview with Bence Nanay, published in the Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics.


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