Dr Eleen Deprez

Honorary Researcher


Dr Eleen M Deprez is Honorary Researcher in the School of Arts. She has previously worked as the Gallery Curator and Outreach Coordinator for the Studio 3 Gallery. She has worked as a curatorial assistant and exhibition-designer in Belgium and France. She recently completed a PhD in History and Philosophy of Art at the University of Kent with the title "The Curated Exhibition: A Philosophical and Historical Analysis". She is co-editor of Debates in Aesthetics and is an Associate Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Arts at the University of Kent.

Eleen has an MA in Philosophy from the Free University of Brussels (Belgium) and an MA in Fine Arts focusing on installation art from the School of Arts in Ghent (Belgium). Her PhD examined the nature and origins of curated exhibitions and explores various philosophical issues they raise around authorship, ontology, and ethical criticism.

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