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Richard Misek at AMiM 2019 and the ICA, London

4 April 2019

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Dr Richard Misek, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Film, will be participating in two events this month.

First off, Richard will be delivering a workshop at the Approaches to Multimodality in the Media (AMiM) symposium to be held on Queen Mary University of London on Friday 12 April 2019.

The workshop is entitled 'The Audiovisual Essay: A Primer'. Inspired by the rise of remix culture in the 2000s, the 'audiovisual essay' (or video essay) has over recent years developed into one of the most significant new tools for conducting film and media research. Video essays allow researchers to work directly with the audiovisual media that they study and to harness the combined critical power of word, image, and montage. They also provide an effective platform for disseminating the results of data visualisation and other emergent digital humanities methodologies. The audiovisual essay now regularly features in various online academic journals including Movie, NECSUS, and InTransition, and has become widely accepted both as a platform for research and as a research methodology in itself. Meanwhile, the vast public interest in video essays promises a level of impact otherwise unimaginable to the typical media scholar: Kogonada's work, for example, has typically gained millions of views, and even specialised scholarly videos typically gain thousands of views.

However, creating audiovisual essays is not easy. This workshop aims to help participants take their first steps in conducting 'videographic film and media studies'. It does so by providing an overview of the basic technical tools needed to create video essays, and of the various creative and scholarly approaches that currently exist to videographic film and media studies. Due to time constraints, the workshop will not involve any hands-on creation. However, participants can expect to come out of it with an enhanced understanding of both the practical and the conceptual tools required to conduct make audiovisual essays.

To find out more, please see the AMiM page here:

Following this, Richard will be chairing a seminar on 18 April 2019, entitled 'Re-framing the City on Film: Documentary as Memory', which explores the work of Polish filmmaker Ewa Podgórska as part of the Frames of Representation festival at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London.

The event is free and tickets can be obtained here:

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