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GOLKK Theatre Company create visceral worlds in which physical bodies bring us back to the heart of human relationships.

Sharing moments of intense laughter, tension and familiarity, GOLKK place honesty at the centre of productions. They lead the audience through unknown universes, stimulating unique and personal encounters which relate to our everyday lives.

With live physical and vocal improvisation, GOLKK invite audiences to experience a moment with them, together on the edge.

Meet the Company:
GOLKK is about unity and collaboration. Our company is made up of multiple nationalities, an aspect which drives our passion for the sharing of art across cultures and celebrating the common experiences which unite us in our diversity. With English, Norwegian and Bulgarian backgrounds, we create theatre with a distinctive international perspective.
With an ensemble practice at the root of our work, we all act as performers, directors, designers and producers, sharing these roles to create truly collaborative performances.

Company members:
Kristin Bacheva
Olaf Leiros
Grace Wranosky
Luke Stokes
Facebook and Twitter: @Golkktheatre
Instagram: @GOLKK

Current Production:
‘Peeking in the Portrait’ (2017)
'Peeking in the Portrait' is GOLKK Theatre Company's second show, inspired by the life and works of Clementina Hawarden, one of Britain’s first female professional photographers, where we investigate what it means to exist in a world where we are simultaneously witnesses and the witnessed. Confronting love, loss, sex and death, under the watchful gaze of the camera, we journey through the human experience- framing and re-framing perceptions of relationships, their boundaries and their forms.
Having performed this production at the University of Kent and ‘Dreams Before Dawn’ Festival in Paris, we are now working towards preparing the show for touring around the UK.

Past Productions:
‘Simaweo Sikko’ (2016)
Simaweo Siko was our first production after forming as a company at the University of Kent. This was an outdoor site-sympathetic piece, with a focus on a mutual care for the beautiful nature and our audience. Being led by a forest-wanderer, the audience are taken on a journey in which they meet the playful and curious creatures who inhabit the forest. The creatures communicated in a form of gibberish, placing an emphasis on human’s ability to share meaning through physical interactions in space. Despite being a one-off piece, this production rooted our company in a love for the power of non-verbal communication to unite communities.





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