Vahid Farmani-Kermani

PhD student


Vahid Farmani-Kermani is a PhD candidate in the Kent School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Kent, conducting research on the principles of traditional architectural design. 

He has practiced architecture and conservation architecture in Iran and the United Kingdom for several years and has had the chance to train as an architect in both countries. Vahid has obtained a bachelor's degree in Restoration and Revitalization of Historical Buildings and Cities (Architectural Conservation) from Soureh Institute of Higher Education, Iran, 2004. He studied architecture in the UK at London South Bank University and received his master's degree (Part2) in 2019. 

He is currently a professional member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Iranian Construction Engineering Organisation (IRCEO).

Research interests

  • To critically understand modern architecture in the twentieth century and its impacts on different communities.
  • Research architecture, culture and history of the Qajar period in Iran (nineteenth century). 
  • To explore historical methods and techniques to design constructions such as geometry and mathematics in historical structures. 
  • To simulate the sustainable solutions of traditional architects by contemporary constructions, which has provided the opportunity to assess the impact on the quality of the living environment with the view for sustainable architecture. 
  • Research on the conservation and revitalisation methods for historic buildings and cities. 

PhD Title

Revival and representation of traditional principles of Iranian historical architecture with the focus on Qajar architecture and its comparison with modern and contemporary architecture.


Professor Henrik Schoenefeldt and Dr.Manolo Guerci

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