Huda Elsherif

PhD student


Huda Elsherif is a PhD Candidate at the University of Kent. After working for 3 years at an international engineering consultancy in Sudan, she became a LEED AP and decided to specialise in sustainability. She completed her MSc Architecture and the Sustainable Environment at the University of Kent in 2019 and passed with a distinction. 

Huda's MSc thesis identified that the thermal comfort issues in Khartoum, Sudan, along with the improved supply chain have led to increased air conditioner (AC) consumption and subsequently electricity power cuts. Her PhD is an in-depth analysis into the socioeconomic and climatic drivers of the increased AC consumption in Khartoum and aims to set a framework onto which sustainable solutions could be based on.

Grants and honours

  • GCDC scholarship from the Global Challenges Doctoral Centre

Research interests

  • Development and its impact on thermal comfort expectations
  • Environmental performance of vernacular and colonial architecture
  • Sustainable construction challenges in developing countries

PhD Research

Huda's research seeks to explore the gap between the increasing expectations of middle-class families in developing countries and the realities of the country's socioeconomic situation. The aim is to find affordable sustainable housing solutions that can cater to modern aspirations without over-consuming the scarce energy resources.


Dr Henrik Schoenefeldt and Professor Marialena Nikolopoulou

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