Portrait of Haval Abdulkareem

Haval Abdulkareem

PhD student


Haval is a PhD student and Graduate Teaching Assistant in Kent School of Architecture and Planning. In 2011, he completed his undergraduate studies (Architectural Engineering) at University of Duhok, Kurdistan and gained a first-class degree; thus he was awarded a scholarship from Kurdistan Regional Government to study a Master degree in the UK. In 2014, he received an MSc degree (Dist.) in Architecture and the Sustainable Environment from University of Kent (2014). This Master program gave him the opportunity to understand and acquire advanced knowledge in the areas of environment and sustainability. Following that, Haval started his lectureship in Department of Architectural Engineering in University of Duhok teaching Descriptive Geometry to Stage-1, Architecture Design to Stage-2 and also teaching Architecture and Environment to Stage-4. He also has worked as an architect in Kurdistan, and been involved in designing a number of buildings.

Grants and Honours

  • Vice Chancellor's Research Scholarship from University of Kent to study PhD in Architecture
  • HCDP Scholarship from Kurdistan Regional Government to Study MSc in Architecture

Research interests

  • Environmental performance of traditional buildings
  • Passive design strategies
  • Indoor thermal comfort and summer time overheating in buildings
  • Fabric first approach to design and construction

PhD research

His research seeks to explore opportunities and challenges related to the adaptation of Passivhaus standard/ fabric first principles to hot climates in the developing world in the light of limited economic resources, locally available skills, construction methods and materials.


Haval is a seminar leader in AR542 Climate module.


Dr Henrik Schoenefeldt and Professor Marialena Nikolopoulou

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