Portrait of Dr Peter Buš

Dr Peter Buš

Digital Architecture Lecturer


Qualifications: PhD, Mgr. Art., Bc.

Peter Buš is a Lecturer in Digital Architecture at the Kent School of Architecture and Planning. He previously gained experience as a postdoctoral researcher and co-lecturer at the Chair of Information Architecture, Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich, Switzerland. After he graduated with a Master of Arts in Architecture degree from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in Slovakia, he founded a design research platform Peter Buš | Architecture | Computational Design | Research, where he explores the usage of generative computer coding and advanced modelling techniques for architecture and urban environments. Prior to obtaining his PhD degree in Architecture Theory and Design from the Department of Architectural Modelling (MOLAB) at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Peter worked as a practicing architect and as a researcher at the Future Cities Laboratory SEC in Singapore. Peter is registered as a member of Slovak Chamber of Architects in Slovakia.

Research interests

In his research agenda Peter concentrates on the development of custom-based computational environments, design workflows and simulation strategies within the field of Responsive and Adaptive Cities focusing on end-users’ perspective. This includes the development of design frameworks for urban and participatory design activities and experimental modelling and building strategies for architecture. The scope of his research is mainly focused on the phenomenon of emergence within natural and built environments and how complex relational qualities influence forms of architecture and cities.

Research Grants

Richard Rogers Fellowship awarded by Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD) in 2018. Large-scale Urban Prototyping for Responsive Urban Environments: Towards Distinctive and Customised Future Cities

Peter investigates potentialities of computation, digital fabrication methods, and prototyping practices for their applications of construction deliveries in large-scale urban contexts and their capacities to respond to citizens' necessities. Within this scope, the research aims to reveal, examine, and define to what extent the return of workshop models through digital making is capable to deal with large quantities of bespoke productions, considering the current advancements in a building industry and fabrication technologies as well as a position of citizens in on-site participation.


Module CodeModule TitleInformation
AR853Principles and Methods of Bio Digital DesignTutor
AR856Morphogenetic ProgrammingTutor
AR857Dissertation: MSc Bio Digital ArchitectureTutor


Possible PhD supervision areas include:

  • Computational and generative design methods for architecture
  • Emergence as a design strategy
  • Interactive urban design prototyping
  • Participatory design for responsive cities
  • Large-scale prototyping methods using automation and robotics


Design and Research Principal “Peter Buš | Architecture | Computational Design | Research” (www.archa3d.com)

Certified Architect and member of Slovak Chamber of Architects reg. n. AA 1872 (https://www.komarch.sk/)

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