About the Centre for Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

The University of Kent has delivered higher apprenticeships since 2011, working with industry-leading employers including GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Novartis and Unilever.

Working with you

Kent launched the Centre for Higher and Degree Apprenticeships in 2016 to build on this experience. The centre works in partnership with regional and national employers to develop apprenticeships tailored to their needs.The centre also has an important role to play within the University, supporting academic schools on all aspects of delivering apprenticeship training.

How we can help

There are many ways we can assist your organisation, from basic advice to fully managed apprenticeships. Following an initial discussion about your training needs, we can:

  • explain apprenticeships in general terms and advise on specific standards
  • if appropriate, advise on the development of new apprenticeship standards
  • advise on the apprenticeship levy and/or government funding opportunities (including incentive payments)
  • help devise a tailored programme of study that complements activity in the workplace
  • advertise your vacancies on our website
  • help with recruitment (shortlisting and interviewing including checking eligibility)
  • provide support with contractual aspects including the apprenticeship agreement
  • provide a managed apprenticeship from sign-up to competency monitoring, quarterly workplace visits and enrolment for end-assessment

University of Kent Staff

As an apprenticeship levy paying employer, the University of Kent has funding for apprenticeships available in its digital account. Funds may be used to develop new or existing staff, with Apprenticeship standards and frameworks available for them to undertake at all levels from intermediate to degree.

There are a variety of ways apprenticeships could benefit your team, including by creating apprentice positions, to enable employees to develop experience and competence, in the position you have created.

If you are interested in appointing an apprentice or using Levy funds to train your staff please contact Loretta Izod, Employee Apprenticeship Manager (01227 816568 / L.J.Izod@kent.ac.uk ).

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