Portrait of Ana Curto

Ana Curto

PhD student
Biological Anthropology


PhD project: The impact of diet and health on bone stable isotope ratios: a comparative study

Ana’s PhD project seeks to reconstruct the lifestyle of a medieval collection from Tomar, Portugal. The lifestyle reconstruction will involve analysis from the data collected during the excavation, as well as stable isotope analysis of bone collagen to investigate diet. She will be looking for dietary differences between sexes, social/economic status and health-related data, such as physiological stress indicators. The population under study gives a unique view to past populations since it is one of the largest samples in Europe. The excavation covered an area of approximately 6500m2, from where 3675 primary inhumations and 1456 ossuaries were recovered, totalling at least 6792 individuals, comprising 4991 adults and 1801 subadults. 

Ana completed her undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Évora, and her Master’s in Human Biology and Evolution at the University of Coimbra. Before starting her PhD at the University of Kent, she worked as an independent researcher at the Laboratory of Biological Anthropology at the University of Évora.


Dr Geraldine Fahy
Dr Patrick Mahoney


University of Kent 50th Anniversary Scholarship

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