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"I am so glad I went to the States, I am more confident now and able to voice my opinions.
I had a brilliant time academically; the different academic styles complement each other very well"

Emma Hicks, American Studies (graduated 2007)

Welcome! The fact that you are here means that you have either successfully enrolled in American Studies at the University of Kent, or that you are considering coming here and are seeking further information on the Year/Semester Abroad itself. This section of our site contains links to exchange universities and photo galleries for past and current students and staff, as well as useful contacts and so on for students currently in the USA.

There is no doubt that the Year/Semester Abroad is a rewarding experience for most who take it. The fact that you’ve spent a year/semester in the USA can be a real advantage when you’re looking for a job, especially if you’re looking abroad. Employers definitely see a year/semester abroad as a plus point on your CV and many of our students actually find that their futures lie in the US - whether it be in employment secured during their Year/Semester Abroad, or in further study. It might be a cliché, but living and travelling abroad definitely broadens your outlook on life. You gain confidence and flexibility in adapting to different cultures. And let's not forget that living and studying in the USA is the best way to deepen your subject knowledge and become a true expert in your chosen field of American Studies.

In order to proceed to the year/semester abroad students must average 60% and above in their first year to be eligible to apply for the year/semester abroad and need to secure an average mark of 60% or higher in their second year to take up their placement at a University or College in the United States or Canada.



We have strong links with over a dozen American and Canadian universities and with institutions in Latin America. For the latest details of our partner instiutions please see the University's 'Go Abroad' site.



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