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Our alumni and friends groups are a vital part of our engagement with former students, staff and friends. They can be set up by anyone with a link to the University of Kent and can be based on a shared location or special interest or academic area. Groups are run by a committee of alumni or friends who direct activities and liaise with the University on behalf of their members and provide members with social and professional networking opportunities. They also benefit the University by raising its profile in the region in which they operate, acting as a contact point for University staff and prospective students and their families, and by promoting goodwill among alumni. We also turn to our alumni groups for advice and feedback on alumni engagement strategies, recruitment activities and other relevant University initiatives.

We currently have formal alumni groups in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Nigeria, and our University of Kent in America (UKA) colleagues have set up chapters in Boston, New York, Indiana, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington D.C. We are in the process of setting up alumni groups in Belgium and France. You can start your own group by contacting us to discuss your plans, or you can take a look at the Alumni Group Resources on this page to guide you through the process.


Alumni Relations - Development Office

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Last Updated: 13/12/2016