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The Second 500

The Second 500 were Kent's second cohort of undergraduate students; they joined the University of Kent at Canterbury in October 1966, when the University was just one year old. That year saw the opening of Rutherford College, and half of the cohort joined this new college along with half of the original ‘First 500’ who moved over from the original Eliot College. The campus had just a handful of buildings, and University life centred on the two colleges and the Physics building (now Marlowe). Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, was installed as Chancellor in 1966, and it was also the first year that Law was introduced as a programme of study.

The Second 500 meet annually for a dinner, the most recent being on 12 March 2015 at the Victory Services Club in London, hosted by Giles Stimson (Rutherford 1966, Law).

Second 500 dinner held in October 2013

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