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I only studied at Kent for a semester – am I an alumnus/alumna?

Kent has an open and inclusive alumni programme, and you do not have to have completed a degree to be a member. The alumni community includes students who have completed Certificates or Diplomas, as well as those who have spent their year abroad at Kent (for example, ERASMUS or Junior Year Abroad students). If you would like confirmation of whether or not you have alumni status, please email the Development & Alumni Relations Team at

How do I become a member of Kent's alumni association?

When you leave Kent you automatically become one of our alumni, and your details are transferred to the alumni database. We will then contact you using the details we have been supplied with by the Student Records Office.

You can now register for our online alumni community, which will allow you to update your details online and access a searchable directory of alumni. Alternatively, you can emails us at with any change of home address or employment.

Do I have to pay to join?

No! Some universities do charge a membership fee for their alumni association, using a proportion of the income to supplement their fundraising activities. At Kent, we feel that the decision to donate should be an individual one, and that our alumni programme should be open to all, free of charge. It is also in the University's interest that alumni are kept informed about Kent and its developments.

In KENT Magazine there are abbreviations (E00, D98, E65) after names - what do these mean?

The letter represents the College that you were a member of, and the number is the year that you started your studies. Some of our alumni spent only a year at Kent, whilst others may have studied here for up to six years!  It will be more likely that you will know those you started university with than those you graduate with, so for this reason we categorise alumni by the year that they started rather than their year of departure.


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