Finding accommodation

Shop around to find accommodation

Many students believe they may end up homeless if they don't take the first place they find but there is now a far wider choice of rented property available.

We recommend you look for suitable housing at or Canterbury Student Housing Accreditation Scheme.

After viewing, some landlords may pressurise you into signing contracts quickly. We would not recommend you sign any contract until you are absolutely sure this is the right house for you. It is true that the availability of property close to campus may be limited but there are many suitable properties elsewhere in the local area. Each year some students sign agreements on the first house they see and then subsequently find another more suitable property.

You should be aware that most landlords are unwilling to release tenants from their contractual obligations, so it can be an expensive mistake to make. Landlords may charge reasonable costs for re-advertising and other additional costs related to re-letting the property.

Please visit the University's Accommodation Office at Tanglewood (near Keynes College) for free, impartial advice and assistance. We are open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.


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Last Updated: 09/01/2013