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Booking of the following rooms is now managed by the University Operations team in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor: Registry Meeting Room, Senate Committee Rooms 1 and 2, and Darwin Board Room.

These rooms can be booked through Outlook using Scheduling Assistant/Add rooms tab. You will receive an email from our office confirming, or otherwise, your booking request. Can we remind you that if you make a booking and the meeting gets cancelled please remember to delete your room booking, or contact Claire Southon to ask us to remove your booking from the room calendar. We all know how difficult it can be to find an available meeting room, so ensuring that you cancel rooms when they are no longer needed will mean that others can make use of the space.

Please note that these meeting rooms are for the use of University of Kent staff. However, room booking requests from student societies may be considered, and will be subject to the same terms and conditions as set out on the Timetabling Office website (

The furniture in any of the rooms must not be moved except by Estates or Hospitality staff. Please advise at the time of booking if you wish the room layout to be changed.

Now that the rooms are so heavily used it is often not possible for hospitality trays to be collected before the next meeting so please bear with Hospitality staff while they briefly interrupt meetings to collect trays if necessary.

Please let us know if you encounter any significant problems in any of the rooms e.g. failure of or missing items of audio-visual equipment, changed furniture layout etc so that we can ensure problems are corrected.


The Registry Meeting Room has a long central table with chairs seating 14. The number of the telephone located in the Registry meeting room is ext. 4104.

The first view that visitors to the offices on the first floor see oncoming through the doors is the area outside the Meeting Room so this area must be kept clear and clean. This room is not serviced and each user is responsible for clearing the meeting table after use, closing the windows and stacking used cups etc on a tray on the table in the room. Computer/AVS facilities available - to request assistance with set-up please contact Campus Support using the AVS equipment request form

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Committee Rooms 1 and 2 in the Senate Building each have a long central table with chairs seating 22 and 18 respectively. There is a plumbed-in water cooler with cups located in each room. No computer in situ - projector and screen available. If you wish to borrow a laptop/remote clicker or to request assistance with AVS set-up please contact Campus Support using the AVS equipment request form. There is a flip-chart stand/whiteboard in each room - please supply your own pens/paper for these. There is a telephone located in the small entrance foyer to the two committee rooms, the number is ext. 3539, which can be used for internal calls only.

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Darwin Boardroom seats 40 (28-34 around tables set out in Boardroom style); extra chairs are stacked in the room. AVS facilities available, no computer. If you wish to borrow a laptop/remote clicker or to request assistance with set-up please contact Campus Support using the AVS equipment request form. The number of the telephone in the Darwin Boardroom is ext. 3728.

The AVS, blinds, air conditioning and lighting are controlled by an iPad. The iPad controls and chargers are kept in Darwin Reception and should be collected from there. You will be required to sign for the items and to show your staff ID card, so please ensure you take this with you when collecting the iPad. The iPad control and charger must be returned to the Darwin Reception staff when you have finished your meeting. Please do not leave the iPad in the Darwin Boardroom. If your meeting finishes past 8.00 pm then you will need to ensure that the iPad is taken with you and kept in a secure place overnight as the Darwin Reception is not manned after this time. The iPad should then be returned to the Darwin Reception first thing on the next working day.

Please note: after 6pm the doors to the room are automatically locked to restrict access into the room outside of normal working hours, however users of the room will be able to exit as normal after this time. If you need to regain access to the room after 6pm you will need to liaise with the Darwin Reception staff, who can provide access.

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