Excellence Initiative

Fresh eyes scheme

Secondments/role shadowing/staff exchange opportunities

Part of the Excellence Through Partnerships Initative

The University encourages choices for staff to sample or choose a different career path and supports secondments to other organisations or across the University.

University secondments are typically advertised and all staff have the option to apply for roles on this basis although it is requested that they consult with their line manager in the first.

Building upon these existing career development opportunities, the Heads of Administration for the three Faculties are keen to encourage and promote a range of opportunities for administration staff to undertake work outside of their primary post and School/Centre.

The intention of Fresh Eyes scheme is to broaden out these opportunities by helping staff, based within the three faculties of Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences, who would like to try other roles, move more freely and frequently within the University and to do so as part of a recognised and supported scheme.

This scheme is part of the “Excellence initiative” which has been running since 2012. The Initiative is for all administrative staff in the University's Academic Schools and Centres and the Faculties Support Office and is aimed at encouraging the sharing of good practice across the different Schools and Faculties, enhancing and celebrating the service delivered by administrative staff to students and academics as well as to other professional colleagues.

“Service Excellence” was chosen as the first enhancement theme for this Initiative and a series of events were organised during 2012 which encouraged units to identify projects which would best meet the specific needs of their own student and staff population. This successful stage of the Initiative was shortlisted for the Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Awards 2013 in the Outstanding Departmental Administrative Team category.

The current enhancement theme of the Initiative is titled “Excellence though Partnerships” and it aims to strengthen relationships and build new partnerships between administrative, student and academic communities across Schools, Faculties and central Professional Services. We believe that the fresh eyes scheme is an excellent example of one of the ways that this can be realised.

Are you interested in participating?

If you are interested in participating in this scheme, please complete the expression of interest form and then discuss this with your line-manager to let them know what kind of arrangement you think may be most beneficial for you. If you already have a specific colleague in mind, your line-manager will endeavour to make the visit possible. If not, s/he will try and find the best available “match” for your need.


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