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Research strategy


Research strategy

We provides solutions to global challenges through the delivery of world-class research.


We aim to attain the highest standards of research, judged by international comparators, across our range of subjects; to raise Kent’s research standing and visibility worldwide and embed a research culture in our academic and innovation activities.

  1. By building on our research activities to ensure delivery of high quality and impactful outputs and enhancing our knowledge exchange activities

    We will:
    • ... identify and invest in those areas which have the potential to become world-leading ‘pinnacles of excellence’
    • ... increase world-leading research and innovation across all disciplines
    • ... increase research grant and contracts income to levels that improve our ranking and global recognition
    • ... improve our internal mechanisms to promote collaboration and sharing of good practice
    • ... ensure the quality of our research is reflected in our knowledge exchange activities
    • ... increase our engagement with business and industry
    • ... increase our Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) related innovation activities
  2. Ensuring research and innovation are integral to academic excellence, nurturing those who have the potential to become world leaders in their fields

    We will:
    • ... recruit academic staff with exceptional research and innovation portfolios and those who demonstrate excellent potential
    • ... support academic staff who have the potential to become world leaders in their fields through training, mentoring and effective performance review
    • ... increase the level of innovation activity and output
    • ... secure increased external funding to support an increase in the number of postgraduate students
    • ... increase the numbers of post- doctoral researchers and research fellows
  3. Developing our reputation and increasing our visibility as an outstanding research institution

    We will:
    • ... maximise the visibility and impact of research through, for example, effective use of digital technologies and publishing our output in high-calibre outlets
    • ... extend our networks of international collaborations and increase the volume and level of productive engagement with high-calibre individuals


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