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Our established presence across Europe, distinctive identity and academic profile provide a basis from which to secure global recognition as the UK’s European university.


We aim to build a clear and distinctive reputation for excellence through strategic engagement and communication with our regional, national and international communities, and to increase the engagement of our students, staff, alumni and stakeholders in support of our ambition to become recognised as an institution of international calibre.


  1. Developing and conveying a strong narrative about the University to inform our engagement and communications activities

    We will:
    • ... protect and project our distinctiveness through a range of engagement and communication strategies
    • ... ensure the Kent brand becomes synonymous with excellence
    • ... engage our staff in the collective institutional vision, enabling them to deliver our ambitions while safeguarding our collegial culture
    • ... engage and mobilise our students, our alumni and our stakeholders as advocates and ambassadors for the University
    • ... strengthen our commitment to social responsibility
  2. Contributing to the broader educational, employment, social and cultural objectives of our communities and our region

    We will:
    • ... embed and enhance our European and international engagement activities for the benefit of the institution as well as the region
    • ... increase engagement with business and industry beyond the region to improve our offer to students and staff as well as develop our innovation activities
    • ... create and make available a range of social and cultural experiences for our communities
    • ... reaffirm our commitment to widen access and provide educational opportunities to all those who have ability and will benefit
  3. Promoting the University as a centre of excellence to national, international and influential audiences

    We will:
    • ... identify and develop strategic partnerships that enhance our effectiveness and visibility
    • ... develop a more strategic approach in our interactions with external stakeholders with a focus on opinion formers and decision makers
    • ... engage further with alumni as professional partners and potential fundraisers in support of our ambitions
    • ... increase our presence in the international press with a particular focus on research and impact


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