About Kent

Students in the community

We want our students to be part of a safe and thriving community. We understand to achieve this we need to maintain our good relationships with residents and provide our students with the knowledge and information on what it’s like to be a resident in the local community.

We provide our students, living on and off campus, with all the information they need, from moving-in to rubbish collection and recycling in the local area.

Our students are a key part of the community. Kent students…

  • Volunteered 46,000 hours in the community last year
  • Bring diverse skills to the local workforce
  • Are responsible for a significant proportion of local spend.

Working together

With nearly 20,000 students we appreciate our responsibility as a significant contributor to the student population in Kent.

We work with other local universities and stakeholders including councils and our Students’ Union to ensure students live alongside local residents peacefully.

Recently, we supported the ‘SSHH’ (Silent Students Happy Homes) campaign, an initiative to minimise disruption in the local area during the Christmas party season and beyond. This is just one of the initiatives we are supporting to make sure both students and residents feel safe and part of the community.

If you would like to find out more about our work in the local community fill out the community feedback form.

Effective procedures

Disputes between students and local residents are rare. However, if issues should arise, we are confident in our well-established and effective procedures. To register a complaint or raise an issue fill out our feedback form.

Talk to us

If you want to raise an issue or simply find out more - complete our feedback form.

Being a good neighbour

Read our Good Neighbour Statement (pdf)

Teaming up

We work with local government and other institutions with significant student populations.

Corporate Communications

The University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NZ, T: +44 1227 764000

Last Updated: 28/01/2013