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The First 500

The ‘First 500’ were Kent’s first undergraduate students; their contribution is hugely important to our shared history.

They were the first undergraduate students to enroll at the University in October 1965, and have paved the way for generations of students since. They chose Kent over more established institutions because they were excited by the opportunity to shape a new university and create a new student community, defining Kent’s unique student experience and culture.

"We had the honour of being in at the beginning of what has become a vast and immensely successful university. Its development has been staggering - and unimaginable at the outset - and to be associated with this is very pleasing."

Ed Daley, Rutherford 1965
Economics and Politics & Government

We are delighted that the 50th anniversary gave us a chance to celebrate these pioneering individuals and the contribution they have made to the University that we know today. They continue to support the University as volunteers, donors and friends, helping current students and staff to make the most of the opportunities that the University of Kent has to offer.

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