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  • Joel Bell
    Dr Joel Bell
    Assistant Lecturer (Guitar)
    Joel Bell is a composer, improvisation leader and electric guitarist.
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  • Brigitte Beraha
    Brigitte Beraha
    Associate Lecturer (Voice)
    ?Most musicianly singer Brigitte Beraha? performs as both ?sideman? and ...
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  • Ben Curry
    Dr Ben Curry
    Lecturer of Music
    Ben Curry is a musicologist specializing in the field of music and meani...
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  • Sarah Dacey
    Sarah Dacey
    Assistant Lecturer (Voice)
    Sarah Dacey works as a freelance classical singer working in oratorio, o...
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  • Lisa Davies
    Lisa Davies
    Tutor (Little Big Band)
    Lisa Davies is a freelance guitarist, recording engineer and guitar teac...
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  • Kevin Dawe
    Professor Kevin Dawe
    Professor of Ethnomusicology
    Kevin is an ethnomusicologist with interests in the anthropology of soun...
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  • Adam de la Cour
    Dr Adam de la Cour
    Assistant Lecturer (Guitar)
    Adam de la Cour is a performer and composer specialising in electric gui...
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  • Gavin Dixon
    Dr Gavin Dixon
    Associate Lecturer
    Gavin Dixon is an academic, writer and journalist, whose research intere...
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  • Mick Foster
    Mick Foster
    Associate Lecturer (Saxopho...
    Mick Foster is a saxophonist, clarinettist and composer active in the fi...
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  • Paul Fretwell
    Dr Paul Fretwell
    Senior Lecturer
    Paul Fretwell is a composer of instrumental and electronic music. He res...
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  • John Gallen
      John Gallen
    Associate Lecturer in Sound...
    John Gallen is a sound recording engineer for some of the UK's top musi...
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  • Ruth Goller
      Ruth Goller
    Assistant Lecturer (Bass)
    Ruth Goller (originally from Bressanone-Italy) is a London-based electri...
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  • Kate Halsall
    Kate Halsall
    Lecturer in Music Performan...
    Kate Halsall is a pianist commissioning experimental contemporary music ...
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  • Jon Hargreaves
    Dr Jon Hargreaves
    Associate Lecturer in Music
    Jon is a conductor, musician and scholar.
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  • Stephen Hiscock
    Stephen Hiscock
    Assistant Lecturer (Drums a...
    Drummer - Percussionist - Composer - Educator
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  • Tim Howle
    Professor Tim Howle
    Professor of Contemporary M...
    Tim Howle’s interests include developing composition, primarily so...
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  • Torbjorn Hultmark
    Torbjorn Hultmark
    Associate Lecturer (Trumpet)
    Torbjrn is an experienced composer whose compositions have been performe...
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  • Richard Lightman
    Richard Lightman
    Lecturer in Popular Music
    Richard is a composer, producer, sound design practitioner, lecturer an...
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  • Duncan MacLeod
    Duncan MacLeod
    Admissions Officer, Lecturer
    Duncan MacLeod is a composer whose compositional output encompasses conc...
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  • Claudia Molitor
    Dr Claudia Molitor
    Claudia Molitor is a composer and sound artist whose work draws on the t...
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  • Liam Noble
    Liam Noble
    Assistant Lecturer (Jazz Pi...
    Pianist - Composer - Educator
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  • Aisha Orazbayeva
    Aisha Orazbayeva
    Assistant Lecturer (Violin)
    Aisha Orazbayeva has been described as a profoundly radical and inventiv...
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  • Aki Pasoulas
    Dr Aki Pasoulas
    Director of Studies, Direct...
    Aki Pasoulas is an electroacoustic composer, interested particularly in ...
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  • Tommasso Perego
    Tommasso Perego
    Associate Lecturer
    Tommaso Perego is a composer and performer based in London.
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  • Richard Perks
    Dr Richard Perks
    Assistant Lecturer in Popul...
    Richard has extensive live, studio and theatre experience in the commerc...
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